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Media Buying in South Africa


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, effective media buying is not just a strategy but a necessity for brands looking to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience. We’ll equip you and your staff with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of media buying, ensuring your campaigns reach their full potential.

In this course, we’ll explore the fundamental principles of media buying, dissecting its role in the broader advertising ecosystem. From understanding key components like planning and negotiation to analyzing marketing strategies and identifying optimal media channels, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive toolkit for success.

But this course isn’t just about theory – it’s about practical application. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and roleplay activities, you’ll have the opportunity to put your learning into action, refining your skills in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned advertising professional looking to sharpen your expertise or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, this course offers something for everyone.

What will you learn?

Module 1: Understanding Media Buying
Module 2: Analysing Marketing Strategies and Plotting Media Buying Opportunities
Module 3: Working with your client and media
Module 4: Analysing Major Media Houses/Agencies
Module 5: Approaching Media Agencies
Module 6: Establishing Successful vs. Unsuccessful Campaigns
Module 7: Analysing Reports and Making Improvements

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Venue: in-house or online

Investment: on request

Discounts apply for 3 and more group bookings

What's in it for you?

What is expected from you on the day of training

  • To have a basic knowledge of MailChimp
  • Administrator access to MailChimp
  • Essentials or higher MailChimp account (This cannot be done on the free version)
  • Your own laptop including charging cable
  • Login details for your MailChimp account. (If you don’t have an account, please let us know before the training starts).
  • In the case of zoom sessions, a stable internet connection via your laptop

What is included

  • There one short break scheduled during the course for you to get up and stretch.
  • Recording of the zoom training (please request this before starting the session)
  • Certificate at the end of the course
  • Access to our social media Facebook page that aims to keep you in touch with the latest news in the social media world

Who should do this course

  • All MailChimp users who want to upskill on the platform
  • If you’re a business who wants to build personal customer relationships
  • Anyone who wants to create engaging eNewsletters and successful marketing campaigns