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Need to convince your boss?

We know your boss might be difficult to convince. We made it a little easier for you. Simply copy and paste our email template for you to send to your boss telling them you need to attend our workshop.

Email Template

Subject line: <INSERT YOUR BOSS’ NAME HERE>, I’d really like to register this social media workshop.Dear <INSERT BOSS’ NAME HERE>As you know, social media strategies are constantly evolving and to reach our targets effectively, we need to be on top of our game – always. The guys at Social Media Workshops (Endor By Design) are offering some unique workshops for 2020 that will help keep me abreast of the latest social media developments. I believe my participation in these workshops will create a strategy that will increase engagement with our content, reach more people interested in our brand and ultimately make more sales. Here’s what included in the workshop:
  • One-month worth of good content that will promote engagement
  • A clear idea of your target community and their online behaviours
  • In-depth analyses of social media networks and if they work for the business?
  • Understanding how to run ad campaigns


With your permission, I would like to reserve my seat at this workshop before it is sold out. I firmly believe it’s a bargain and will provide us with a strong return on investment for the company. Thank you for your consideration.
<Your name here>
PS: Here is more information about their courses and their company: