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Social Media Training for Government Departments

South Africa’s digital growth has been a phenomenal one over the years. Latest statistics have shown that 38 million citizens have access to the internet and more than half of South Africa’s population are actively using social media daily. This provides government departments and agencies an ideal environment for a two-way system of communication between government and citizens, partners and stakeholders.

The challenge lies in creating an effective social media strategy, where each department can easily and accurately communicate with their citizens and stakeholders, reach specific audiences on specific issues – especially in times of crisis, register people for government services and foster the spirit of ubuntu in communities.

Social media training will assist government departments to better inform the public and stakeholders of their aims and objectives, success stories, how budgets are spent and most importantly interact with the public without alienating them.

Connect with your community with our customised social media workshops, strategy, and management for Public Service Communicators for various government departments and agencies.

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About Endor By Design

Endor by Design (Pty) Ltd is a digital marketing agency that strives to achieve marketing excellence through effective branding. We have been operating for 12 years in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We use psychology principles paired with current and innovative trends to establish the brand in a noisy and competitive market.

Customised training based on your needs, skills level, and the number of team members you need to be upskilled.

Our trainers are seasoned marketing experts in their field that will bring a vast amount of hands-on experience.

We have experience in multiple niche industries and know the tools and approaches that work best.

We provide foundational training as well as expert training from social media to strategy and planning.

What you can learn

  • Brand awareness
  • Audience profiles and behaviours
  • Creating content for engagement
  • How to engage
  • Content Creation tools
  • Understanding Facebook Ad policies
  • Community Management – Including risk management, crisis management, complaints handling
  • Measurement tool

Our workshops are fully customisable and based on your needs/goals. In addition, we can help your department with a digital marketing strategy and/or private consultations.

You might be wondering…

Endor By Design was the first agency to offer social media workshops in South Africa. Our social media training programmes have extended to organisations, businesses, communications specialists, and government stakeholders. We are accredited by the CSD, VAT registered and 135% BBBEE certified.

We want to help you improve your communication with your community, and strategically manage and engage with the people who need it most.

  • Communication between internal and external stakeholders, partners and citizens
  • Disseminating information to relevant stakeholders
  • Interaction/engagement
  • Education

Depending on your requirements, we will customise the training program to accommodate all attendees from foundational to experts in the field.

  • The team will be kept up-to-date with the latest trends and be results-focused
  • Increase government access to its audience
  • Be cost-effective with advertising spend
  • Effectively engage with citizens without alienating them
  • Reaching specific audiences on specific issues; and
  • Your team will have all the information they need to do their jobs better.

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