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The power of conversation.

For many people, social media has become their primary way of communicating with the brands and businesses they support. Social media should act as a conversation between your brand and your customers. This means that your business always needs to be available to respond to your costumers. The faster the response the more that your […]

UPDATE: NSFW: Best Tweets, US Airways image responses

A couple of days ago we shared some of the most hilarious responses to the US airways NSFW image tweet. Missed it? Check here. Well, there’s an update to the story, and a surprising one at that. Typically, in a situation like this, heads must roll. The offending “tweeter” would be ushered out of the […]

NSFW: Best tweets, US Airways image responses

Every now and then, someone makes a social media “mistake”. Sometimes it’s a typo. Sometimes it’s a VERY graphic image featuring a woman and a toy plane, sent to 424 000 followers of the US airways Twitter account. Yes, that happened. No, we’re not sharing the image. And no, we don’t even suggest you Google […]

Oh, Mom. Twitter

  Here’s a mom that clearly have not got the hang of Twitter. Follow my mom: @evremom  [standout-css3-button  href=””]Check out our Social Media for Mommies course[/standout-css3-button]  

Cluttered Twitter feeds scaring you?

[Challenge] Twitter has too much clutter to generate sales. [Solution] Cut through the noise by using Search in order to find users who are requiring your service. This will also save you time. Does the busyness of Twitter scare you away? There are similar ways to using Twitter to generate and find leads without sending […]