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Save money with online marketing.

How is online/digital marketing cheaper than traditional marketing?

Boombox Troopers, Far Horizon, Dustland Express.
Boombox Troopers, Far Horizon, Dustland Express.

Let’s crunch some numbers on some we all do as business owners, print flyers.

Traditional flyers:
Design – R 1800
Printing (2500 litho copies.)- R 800
Distribution (students) – R 300

We already looking at roughly R2700 in expenses and that is not forgetting the time it takes from start to having that flyer in your palms.

Digital marketing for this flyer will only be the cost of the design and media space (should you not go the social media route).

The importance with digital marketing is to properly target your message to users. For example, if you are selling a men’s muscle builder, then advertising through a mommy website is probably not the best bet.

Most social media platforms are free to use and only takes the time you put in. Content development is essential with developing a social media strategy. Make sure you and your staff are very clear on the agenda before you set out on your crusade.


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