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Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing – TALK

Social media marketing is not an option anymore. Your customers—no matter who they are—expect you to reach them the way they communicate. The vast majority of companies have inadequate social media marketing strategies in South Africa. Get ahead of your competitors and connect with your consumers in a digital world. Let us show you how […]

Facebook Messenger finally has a dark mode

It’s taken Facebook a while to show it’s dark side. Way back in May 2018, the social media giant announced that Dark Mode was on its way to Messenger and it’s finally arrived, but you need to enable it. As you’d expect, Dark Mode switches Facebook Messenger’s colour theme from white and blue to a […]

Are stories an absolute game-changer?

Stories putting the media in immediacy. Absolutely. We can thank our desire for immediacy and simplicity. People like sharing. We know this. What we did not know, when social networks started popping up, was just how much information people are willing to share. Breakfast, gym and flights. Social media for business has also evolved along […]

Going Viral On Facebook

Ever wondered how people get 1,000+ likes on their Facebook page or post? Well a company in the USA found a way of hitting the 10,000 likes bullseye by using a simple technique. Here are three questions you should ask yourself: What Are Your Goals? Are you trying to increase sales? Reach out to customers? Increase […]

Creating a Human Presence through Social Media

Your business’s social media accounts are a wonderful space to interact with your customers. Through your social media networks you can create meaningful relationships that last. Forming and maintaining these relationships takes time and effort but with some investment in strategy this process can be simplified. So what small steps can you take to improve […]

The power of conversation.

For many people, social media has become their primary way of communicating with the brands and businesses they support. Social media should act as a conversation between your brand and your customers. This means that your business always needs to be available to respond to your costumers. The faster the response the more that your […]

5 Guiding Social Media Principles

We’re incredibly happy to have conducted social media workshops at  the Cape Craft and Design Institute and the Cape Chamber of Commerce in the last few days. Exposing more small businesses to the possibilities of social media is one of the most enjoyable parts of our work. One recurring theme that pops up over and […]

Use creative deals and specials to increase your reach.

[Tip] Deals and Specials are helpful and exciting information for your fans. Increase the ROI by creating engaging call-to-actions. Creating a competition which engages users to: Participate: Engaged users form a relationship with you. Share: Promote a greater reach or social media spread without spending on ads. Users are now your marketing agents. Result: Increase […]

Why is Facebook useful?

Engage with the consumer On a Facebook page people can comment, like and share posts that have been put up by your company. They can debate and discuss products with you and you may even learn how to better your products from one or two negative comments. Besides criticism you may receive praise from satisfied […]