WhatsApp Introduces Us To Message Encryption

WhatsApp released a new message encryption software that only allows you and the receiver to read and reply to the message.

WhatsApp encryption is available to everybody who has the latest version of WhatsApp on their smartphones. It was introduced so that WhatsApp users can have more privacy and make the conversation seem as if it is happening face to face. This privacy setting is on by default and may not be turned off.

The encryption setting is not only set to protect your text messages but your files sent via WhatsApp as well. Each message sent, is protected by their own unique lock. What does this mean? It means that only you and the person you intend sending the message to can unlock and read the message.

How to check if your messages are locked? Simply look for:


Today, there are more than 1 billion people who rely on WhatsApp to get messages to the next person. They can now send messages more securely and feel safe about what they send.

Jade Williams