What is MailChimp and Why is it Awesome?



What is it?

MailChimp as an email marketing service. It allows you to:

– Design aesthetically pleasing email newsletters

– share them on social networks

– integrate with online social services that you already use

– track your results

 Why MailChimp over standard email marketing?

– You can send email newsletters to an unlimited number of contacts at once

– Mail chimp works with ISPs to ensure that your emails are seen as safe and approved

– By law, bulk emails should include an unsubscribe link in every single email. A service like MailChimp automatically includes these

– There is a large range of editable templates that you can use to make your newsletter aesthetically pleasing and link to your brand.

– Email marketing tools like MailChimp give you analytics so you know which fans are reading and listening.

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