Use creative deals and specials to increase your reach.

[Tip] Deals and Specials are helpful and exciting information for your fans. Increase the ROI by creating engaging call-to-actions.

Creating a competition which engages users to:

Participate: Engaged users form a relationship with you.
Share: Promote a greater reach or social media spread without spending on ads. Users are now your marketing agents.

Result: Increase likes and reach = $$

The most important thing is to be enticing, and the best way to do that is to have a prize so good, users will want to participate.

Here’s a good example by I <3 Cape Town (target a few days after this post was made).

  • Prize: R10 000
  • Likes on post: Over 900
  • Shares: 142

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She founded Endor by Design (Pty) LTD, a website design and social media training company. The mandate of her company is to empower those who want to make their business a success by providing them access to technical knowledge to thrive in a digital world.