Unclouding the cloud: DropBox and other useful cloud apps

Cloud technologies will help you and your team work with ease across all your devices – and across the world. It can assist with project management, documentation and collaboration.
Applications covered in this course:
DropBox is a cloud storage application with added functionality such as sharing of large files or folders with colleagues, clients or prospects.  This essential business tool will help centralize your work in a safe place away from hard drive crashes.
Slack is an instant messaging application similar to Whatsapp but much more professional. It is geared toward project management and collaborative conversations.
Google Calendar is still the top time management tool that is more powerful than is given credit. You can set appointments, tasks and conference calls. This application is smartly integrated with Google Now; you will never be late for an appointment because you will be notified when it is the best time to leave considering the traffic.

In the workshop you will learn:

The Benefits and Features of using cloud technologies for business.
Learn how syncing to the cloud works.
How to setup and use DropBox*, Slack and Google Calendar on your computer and mobile devices.
*DropBox workshop also includes:
  • Learn how to work in the same folders as colleagues.
  • How to share files and folders with clients.
  • How to automatically backup photos from your mobile.
  • How to backup all your data.
Please bring your charged laptops, charger and mobile devices.

Course Details

Duration: 4 hours

Venue: Claremont, Cape Town or via Zoom (recording supplied upon course completion for zoom only).

Investment: R2800 per person (no screen sharing allowed for zoom sessions)

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