Twitter to increase character limit to 10 000?

Well, rumour has it that Twitter may increase it’s character limit to 10 000. We think it’s silly but every story has two sides.

Twitters’ 140 character limit is its core aspect that makes it so unique, so why have that removed? Will it benefit businesses? Will it benefit users? Will Twitter look clustered?

With the potential character increase, it may benefit businesses and certain users who take to social media platforms to complain about bad service or quality of certain products. Instead of being redirected to a call centre, they can just tweet the business and the business can respond.

What about those who don’t think they will benefit, like me? Well, we don’t have to use 10 000 characters, we can stick to the normal 140 character guideline and keep our twitter list “clean and organised”, instead of it looking clustered. Twitter CEO, John Dorsey seems to differ as he mentions that Twitter will not look clustered because only 140 characters will be seen. John says an option will be given to view long tweets or you can continue scrolling through you Twitter news feed without opening long tweets.

If the character limit does increase, Twitter will start to look similar to other social media platforms and it may become difficult to differentiate between the style, voice and audience.

In the end, Twitter will have to choose between not pushing users away, and/or gaining more businesses as users.

Jade Williams