Tips to save time on Social Media

Social Media is an extremely useful marketing device but often is overlooked due to time constraints. With the points listed below you will be able to become more efficient on your social media networks.


Scheduling posts can help you to manage your social media accounts more efficiently. Scheduling allows you to plan your content more carefully and makes sure that you cover different aspects that you talk about on your social media.

 Link your Social Media accounts

Linking your social media accounts can be a good way of saving time with your social media marketing. This will mean that when you post on one social network it will be posted on the other one. Linking your social media accounts can save you time but it is important to remember that, if possible, it is better to use these accounts separately.

Tweet on the go

Twitter is a wonderful way of maintaining contact with your consumers. Remember that you can use your phone to tweet live updates of company events and achievements. This is a simple way to create an ongoing connection with your customers.

Customer Content

Encourage your customers to submit content that they are interested. This content can be used in blogs and social media posts.


Having a social media resources folder is a great idea. This folder should contain a collection of relevant content, this can be images and links to articles. This can help you when you need to quickly create a new social media post.


If you find that you are often forgetting to post to your social media networks it might be a good idea to set a reminder on your phone or email. This can help you to create a consistent social media presence.





James Shier