Tips for writing a business blog


If your business does not have an active business blog these days, you should get one up ASAP. Below are some writing tips to help you get started:

Decide your Target audience

If you’re in the fashion business for example, your target audience would be people who are interested in fashion, aware of how they look and who want to buy clothes. If your main focus is women’s evening wear, then most of your content on your blog will focus on women, night events and luxury wear. When writing, remember who your target audience is. Ask yourself, what would my target audience want to hear from me? What kind of information is important to them?

Set up a blog post calendar

Come up with a list of ideas for blog posts, and then keep them in a weekly or monthly calendar. This will keep you from trying to find last-minute ideas, and will help you to reach your deadlines.


Stick to your calendar that you created, and dedicate an hour or so every day to writing. If you have writer’s block – which we all get – try changing your location and moving to a library, or even outside. Remember posts should be short, sweet and to the point.

Proof read

When you’re finished your post, leave it for a few hours, and come back to it with a pair of fresh eyes. Don’t forget to use spell check as well, there’s nothing worse than a professional business blog with typos!