Becoming an influencer – Talk

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be reserved for the big brands and trendy 100k follower make-up girls of the social media world. All you need is a clear direction and consistency. Becoming an influencer is about growing an audience and that is where you should start. Think about ‘who’ you want to speak to and…

Social Media Crisis

How to manage a social media crisis – Talk

If you’re a business on social media then it’s compulsory to have an effective social media crisis management plan. Social media posts can go viral so quickly and before you know it, it is uncontrollable. In this talk, we will discuss – How to deal with negative comments. – How to spot potential issues as…

How B2B brands can grow through FaceBook advertising – Talk

B2B marketing has changed. Today’s business audiences are looking for more self-service solutions and simpler lead qualifying tools. In this talk, we learn how digital marketing solutions can help your business grow quality leads and build your customer base. We will discuss: • How you can adapt to a trendier news feed and stories •…

Social media manager

How to hire a social media manager/agency for your business – Talk

A social media manager is responsible for creating and monitoring your social media content. Social media managers are experts at understanding your brand and aligning their marketing efforts with your larger business plan. In this talk, we go through some steps of the vetting process required for a competent and engaging social media manager.

Talk: Funnel hacking

Sales is the lifeblood of a business that keeps the doors open. You cannot spend thousands of Rands in adverting – not to mention human resources – to get the lead but not know how to convert them into loyal customers. In this workshop we aim to improve your customer journey, eliminate the time it…

Social Media Workshops