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Social Media Management Package: Wave Rider

R6,500.00 ex. VAT / month



  • Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Reports
  • Content Writing
    • We will write unique and engaging content that is on brand
  • Graphic Design
    • We will create templates aligned with your brand guidelines.
  • Animated videos
    • We can create vibrant animated videos with images or add animations on your videos.
    • 1 animated cover
    • 2 animated posts
  • Stories
    • We will create engaging vertical stories.
    • 2 per week
  • Engagement
    • We will engagement to comments and messages
  • Posts per channel (if applicable)
    • Facebook: 3 per week
    • Instagram: 4 per week
    • Mailchimp: 2 mailers per month
    • LinkedIn: 1 article per month + 1 post per week
  • Ad Budget: R1000
    • This is a variable amount which can change monthly. We highly recommend including an ad budget to support the marketing efforts across all channels.