New ways to search on Twitter

We recently read on the Twitter blog that Twitter is updating the search function of their Android and iOS applications to make it easier for users to see what is happening on Twitter.

They have added new filters which speedily help users find the exact Tweets or Tweeters they’re searching for. For example, you can use the new photo search function to find Tweets with photos, and this can be done in a grid or list layout. You can also do this with videos and other subjects too. You can also search to see only the Tweets from the people you follow. A new trending timeline has also been added, which shows trends together with the tweets.

When a user searches something, there is high anticipation that the results will take them straight to the relevant information that they’re looking for. So making changes like this to the search function can really change the user experience of the app/website!


According to Twitter you can update your app to get these functions soon!