INFOGRAPHIC: The Female Social Media Revolution

First things first – these are primarily American statistics. But… A woman’s revolution has to start somewhere right? And while the numbers may be US-based, we believe they’re indicative of the global trend.   Women are taking over social media. They’re making visually-focused sites – like tumblr, Pintrest and more – successes. They’re dominating mobile and they’re using social media more frequently. In fact, there’s only one site (according to this research) that is used more my men – LinkedIn. How long until that glass ceiling is broken too?    

Before you check out the social media infographic, here are a few things to think about:

  • First and most obviously, you can reach women via social media, but you need to be legitimate. Simply moving ads to Facebook isn’t going to work.
  • Don’t forget men – yes, this infographic paints a bleak picture, but men are still using social media in different ways. So if you’re Hugo Boss, don’t think you shouldn’t have male-focused content on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ask yourself, why are women there? Simply for womanly things (whatever those are), or for multiple reasons? Don’t think Facebook is turning all pink and frilly any time soon. Put bluntly, women are people, they interact with other people, they search and use social media for not just female but male content.

Beyond that, enjoy the Infographic. See the original source here, along with associated resources.


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