Improve your Facebook engagement

Conducting games is a quick way to create engagement with your customers on Facebook.

There have been some recent changes to the Facebook Page Guidelines which now allow businesses to run competitions on their timelines. Make sure that you comply with these guidelines when conducting a competition.

Benefits of games and competitions:

  • Allow lots of comments in a short space of time
  • Allow information about your brand to be shared, creating brand awareness
  • Help to build a community around your brand
  • Help to improve brand visibility without having to spend money on Facebook advertising

There are many ways to conduct competitions, but here is a fun and effective idea:

Ask a question and get your followers to answer, with a prize giveaway for the closest answer. For example, if your company is sports orientated, take a photo of a container filled with tennis balls and get your followers to guess the number of tennis balls. The follower with the closest answer wins. If there are multiple correct answers, choose the person who answered correctly first.

Tennis Balls

 This type of game is fun and creates lots of engagement with your fans. Get creative!