How adding a slider can affect more than just your SEO

Still two minded about adding that slider?  Maybe this will help you.

Sliders are better known as carousels. Sliders are an ineffective way to target user personas which ends up affecting your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not only does it affect your SEO but slows down your site causing users to leave the site as it takes too long to load.

Sliders are used for 1 out of 3 things: branding, thought leadership or product/service promotions. It is ignored as it dilutes the message you try to convey through your website or because they think it could be just another advert. Statistics show that only 1% of the people that visits a website that has sliders, actually click on them.

Here are few more reasons to consider not using a slider:

  • not effective as Call To Action
  • not good for cellphones
  • bad for usability
  • difficult to get a slider right
  • they are annoying
  • don’t rely on your slider to produce conversions on their own

This was just my opinion, yours may differ. Just remember SEO is important for when you want to attract new customers to your website and in today’s time nobody goes to the second page of Google. We all know you want to be on the first page of Google. You know you want to.

Jade Williams