Creating Killer content

Having a social media presence is all good and well, but if you do not create content that your costumers enjoy you are wasting your time. Luckily we have had some experience with social media content and have come up with this list of useful tips for creating content that rocks.

Follow industry news

To create great content you need to understand what is happening in your industry. Keep an eye on what you competitors are doing and what content they are creating. Start a Google Alert for your industry to stay up to date with your industry. Once you know that you are up to date with your industry you can start to create content that is relevant and informed.

Monitor your audience

Try to understand what conversations your audience are having. If you can connect your own business with things that your costumers enjoy then you are already on your way to capturing their interest. It can also work to join in on these conversations.

Recruit a team

Managing your social media content can be a daunting task. Having a team of people contributing to your content can help to relieve some pressure and to create diverse content. Think about creating a content schedule that helps you to organise who will create which content each week and when it will be posted. It is important that the individuals you choose to manage the content understand your brand and how it communicates with your consumers.

Re-purpose Content

Creating fresh content can be a major challenge. Try to reuse your content in a new way. This means that if you have written about how to do something you could maybe apply these tips to a real life example. This will save you time in the long run and create consistency.

Take your camera with you

Having a collection of relevant images about your business is an easy way of creating quick content. Taking photos of major events and share them through your social media accounts.

Be relevant

Create content that is relevant to your customers. You need to ask yourself whether the content you are posting is in line with your brand and if it adds value to the lives of your customers.


You should be creating content that appeals to your customers, is relevant to your industry and is in line with your brand’s identity. If you need any help with constructing a social media strategy send us an email – afsana@endormedia.co.za

James Shier