Creating a Human Presence through Social Media

Your business’s social media accounts are a wonderful space to interact with your customers. Through your social media networks you can create meaningful relationships that last. Forming and maintaining these relationships takes time and effort but with some investment in strategy this process can be simplified. So what small steps can you take to improve your brands relationship with your costumers through the use of social media?

Your Cover Image

Creating a profile that embraces the human side of your business is key. Therefore, it is advisable to use content in your cover images that your consumers can relate to. Using images of your consumers enjoying your product is a great place to start from. You could also use images from a company social event that shows your teams more social side. Remember to brand this content with your company’s logo and contact details. An example of how you can communicate the human side of your brand can be seen below.

consumer based cover image

Your Profile Picture

Using your company’s logo for your profile picture can make your profile less human. One way to solve this issue is to have an image of a leader in your organisation or personality of your brand as your profile picture. Your customers are then able to connect their interactions with a real person. This can increase the overall meaning of their interactions on your page. The Old Spice Facebook page has achieved this through their use of Isaiah Mustafa ( The Old Spice Guy) for their Facebook profile image.


Response time

To create lasting relationships you need to commit to answering your customers quickly. This will create a reciprocal relationship between your customers and your brand. These relationships can be extremely valuable. Having a great presence on your social media networks can drive sales. Responding to costumers with problems is an area in which speed is vital.

Be Authentic

Your social media profiles are your brands voice. You need to show your passion for what you do through these networks.  By showing your passion for what you do, you are instilling a sense of deeper connection.


  • Use a cover image that your customers can relate to.
  • Use a human as the face of your brand online.
  • Respond to your customers quickly.
  • Show your passion for what you do. 

It is important to remember that creating a healthy social media network takes time, commitment and creativity.

James Shier