Create a conversation: using Social Media creatively.

Social media is a wonderful space to attract new customers and to continue relationships with your current customers. So how can you use social media in a creative way to attract new customers and reward your old ones?

Urban Hilton Weiner ran a social media campaign that awarded customers for taking selfies of themselves wearing their products in their shops. The costumers were awarded a R100 coupon if they shared their selfie on social media with the accompanying hashtag, #urbanselfie. This campaign created a huge buzz for the brand and increased sales dramatically during the campaign.


WaterIsLife, a non-profit organisation ran a social media campaign to raise funds for their various projects around the world. They created a collection of viral videos that showed children from affected areas repeating quotes from the #firstworldproblem hashtag. Each video ended with the catch phrase, “First world problems aren’t real problems”.  This campaign went viral through social media networks and increased donations to the NPO.

In 2012, one Audi fan wanted an Audi R8 so badly she coined the hashtag #WantAnR8 and shared it with her community.

Picking up on this buzz, Audi decided to give her an R8 for a day and document the experience with live tweets, videos and pictures. The company then promoted the hashtag #WantAnR8 and asked its fan base who else wanted an R8, promising to give away 5 more drives.

The result?

  • 50,000 fans tweets in a day
  • A 200% increase in @audi followers
  • Further organic campaign ripples


It is clear to see that creating creative social media campaigns can have a lasting impact on how consumers perceive your brand and most importantly whether they will buy your products in the future. Great social media strategy creates long lasting, human to human relationships. These relationships are gold for your business.



James Shier