Are stories an absolute game-changer?

Stories putting the media in immediacy.

Absolutely. We can thank our desire for immediacy and simplicity. People like sharing. We know this. What we did not know, when social networks started popping up, was just how much information people are willing to share. Breakfast, gym and flights. Social media for business has also evolved along the way. From posting hard sells to creating engaging content for audiences and influencers.

Stories are our next big wave in social media. Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp (probably because they have a common denominator, Facebook inc) have created another tool for us to create quick, fun and informative content without cluttering our forever feed. Stories, inspired by SnapChat, is only ‘live’ for 24 hours. Immediacy. Businesses can now add stories that are viewed among personal profiles – just like a regular feed.

Since in South Africa, 98% of all Facebook users have the app installed on the phone, it is no surprise that on-the-go features such as these are such a hit. We also have seen Instagram on a dramatic rise in S.A.

Here are some tips when planning stories:


Sketch out how you want the content to appear (title over, multiple images, stickers etc).

Post regularly

Posting before the 24 hours are up will ensure that your stories are always in the limelight.

Highlights (Instagram only..for now)

Love the story? Keep it well-organised with the highlights feature. Create highlight categories for you to add future stories. You can also set a cover thumbnail for them.

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Afsana is passionate about developing brands and people to pivot the economic diaspora of South Africa to an abundant future for all our citizens. She has a B.A in Film and Media Production from UCT. Over the last decade in the business arena, she has adopted various skills in business strategy, marketing, digital media – websites and social media.

She founded Endor by Design (Pty) LTD, a website design and social media training company. The mandate of her company is to empower those who want to make their business a success by providing them access to technical knowledge to thrive in a digital world.