4 ways to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile


1. Choose your key words carefully

On LinkedIn in it is easy to find people by their name, skills and any other words that are in their profile, so choose your descriptive words carefully! Ask yourself, “what words would someone search to find me?” Take those terms and change them to the perspective of a searching recruiter. For example, change the term “digital strategy” to “digital strategist” because this is what recruiters would are more likely to search.

2. Have a profile picture

Choose a photo that helps the hiring managers envision you in the specific job position that you would be looking for. For example, if you’re a software developer, choose a photo of yourself by a computer, rather than a photo of yourself with your pet.

3. Make strategic connections

You are more likely  to come up in a hiring manager’s search results if you have more connections. So strategically identify people you’d like to be linked to and send them a connection request.

4. Engage

After you have set up your profile, it is very important to engage in LinkedIn. Share content and comment. This makes you more visible to other as well as their connections.